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Entrepreneur / Inventor Craig Nabat


Craig Nabat, founder of Ambitious Ideas, Inc. in West Bloomfield, Michigan, was named one of Entrepreneur's Start-Ups Magazine's "11 Sexiest Entrepreneurs" in the October 2000 edition. In fact, he's being featured in media across the United States, but not as the original actor/model that he started out to be. Instead he's being recognized as an entrepreneur in pursuit of his dream of marketing his invention, FINDIT.

FINDIT is a patented, domino-sized device which is attached to keys and eyeglass cases. When these items are lost, the FINDIT is set to respond to a three-clap pattern, sounding a series of beeps to let the person know where to locate the items.

As part of FINDIT's marketing, Ambitious Ideas has developed a tie-in promotional campaign to imprint the FINDIT logo on the fly of Men's boxer shorts. And Craig himself is the model in the provocative ad. At the present time, Ambitious Ideas is actively shopping around the FINDIT branded boxer short concept to major underwear designers.

In fact, these ads are a good example of how Craig is creatively applying his acting/modeling skills towards promoting FINDIT. He's using his own image in all facets of his product's marketing - in company brochures, in the advertisements, in the infomercials, etc.

But there's a lot more to Craig than his sexy and wholesome good looks. He had the initial idea while in college when he lost his keys after getting home late one night. While he graduated from Michigan State with a degree in sociology, he earned his business degree from the school of hard knocks. He says the hardest part was the many years of developing and perfecting the product, as well as convincing his family to invest in his idea.

Through Craig's persistence and determination, he is succeeding with his dream. Readers Digest listed FINDIT as one of the top 10 Christmas gifts for 1999. The FINDIT infomercial won an Aegis Marketing Award. And a 5-foot FINDIT retail display will appear in an upcoming Jack Nicholson movie.

Today, FINDIT is currently available through QVC, through Craig's Web site, and through an infomercial. Craig's eventual goal is to act as a marketer for other people's products and ideas.

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