FINDIT Key Finder - Find ANYTHING With The Touch Of A Button!




FINDIT® Key Finder Easily Finds:
Keys • TV Remotes • Eyeglass Cases
Pill Cases • ANYTHING!

Responds through walls, purses, drawers, and sofa cushions up to 60 feet!
    So Easy To Use:
  1. Attach to your keys or any other item you misplace frequently.
  2. Keep the receiver on your fridge or other convenient place.
  3. Press the button, listen for the beep & locate lost your lost item.

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Never Lose Your Keys Again!
The FINDIT® Key Finder easily attaches to your keys, remote controls, eyeglass cases, pill cases, electronics, or other commonly misplaced items. Just press the locator button and your missing items are instantly found!

Just Press, Listen & FINDIT®
To use FINDIT® Key Finder, point the base unit in the direction in which you are searching for your lost item. Press the locator button once and wait two seconds for the receiver to beep back.



Craig Nabat
—Inventor of FINDIT®
Ambitious Ideas, Inc.