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Too Sexy
Charisma, charm, wit, success...maybe some people do have it all. Meet 11 of today's sexiest entrepreneurs.

We think we've skirted around the issue long enough. Everyone knows it's true, and yet we never talk about it-like it's taboo or something. Being from the generation in which nothing is taboo, however, we think it's time we got honest. There are some damn sexy entrepreneurs out there. So sexy, in fact, that we're writing about 11 of them right here in Start-Ups. Say hello to this year's sexiest entrepreneurs.

"They say sex sells--there's nothing wrong with that," says Nabat, inventor of FINDIT, a device that helps you find your missing keys and other items. "Whatever you have, you use all your qualities to accomplish your goals. If you have sex appeal, if you have that mindset, you're a step ahead of the game."Sounds a bit highfalutin, but actually, Nabat has a good point. If he can make himself as well as his invention household names, all the better for his West Bloomfield, Michigan, company, Ambitious Ideas Inc. In fact, all the better for other entrepreneurs, too. Although Ambitious Ideas is currently focused on FINDIT (the product is available via QVC, an infomercial and Ambitious Ideas' Web site at, Nabat would eventually like to see his company acting as a marketer for other people's products and ideas. To do that, Nabat is getting himself known-putting his face in all FINDIT ads, and at one point even sending photos of himself in FINDIT boxer shorts to a large underwear designer as part of a tie-in pitch.Nabat also has an interest in helping children with cleft lips and palates. "I was born with a cleft lip, and I always said that once I became very successful with this, I'd create a foundation to help with plastic surgery," he says. Nabat hopes to begin the foundation in about three years.


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