Ambitiousand Ideas doesn't begin to describe this company. The President of the companyis quite handsome too. EEEW! I can't believe I just wrote that. Seriously, heis definitely an inventor and he has the products to prove it. In the true formof an entrepreneur, he risked it all to establish this company and sufferednumerous setbacks. Today, he offers more than a hundred products to majorelectronics distributors & retail stores under their own private label ifneeded.

Quite a fewof them are based on some type of wireless function too. Most of them aredesigned for the purpose of keeping track of personal items, finding lostitems, or for security measures. It is why they call them "Find It"products. They also offer some other interesting products such as thenotebook/PC camera, a sonic bike horn, and a sonic mosquito repellant. In duetime, you will probably find these very same products in retail storesnationwide.

We can tellyou from personal experience that the President of Ambitious Ideas, Craig Nabatis quite modest and is overall a really good guy. He is also one of the mosthard working people we have ever run across as he is constantly on the roadpromoting the company and their products. Where he finds the time to invent allof this stuff is quite amazing.

When we last spoke to him, he assured us that all of the products that they have available for bulk purchasing is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. For those of you who may find it financially feasible, some of these products would work well as promotional items for trade shows or as gifts to customers. We counted well over a hundred items to choose from on his products page. You can "find it" here:

At themoment, only three of their products are directly available to consumers viatheir online website that can be found at www.finditanytime.comwhich presents products that you may have seen advertised on TV at one time oranother. The briefcase alarm is pretty cool. For all other products, you willhave to purchase them through a retail outlet or from a distributor who isoffering the Find It products.

For those ofyou who are into the fashion scene, it looks like they will be developing a newapparel line too. The line is expected to be coming out in 2003. We also gotthe scoop on some new product lines but we can't talk about them per request.You will just have to sign up for their email update to find out what will becoming out in the future.

If you are an entrepreneur, take some time to surf thewebsite and read the articles listed under the press release button. He offersplenty of advice and words of wisdom to those who are new to starting out inbusiness as an inventor. The section listed under "inventions wanted"will give you a good idea as to determine the marketability of products. Thebest part is that he started the business from scratch so his advice is worthquite a bit and he shares it freely.

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