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Inventor Develops Device to Locate Lost Keys...Remote Controls ...Anything...Anytime...Anywhere!

What would we do without the electric light? The telephone? The personal computer? It's hard to imagine our world without these marvels of everyday life. It's even tougher to envision (let alone make) America's next can't live-without technology. But Inventor Craig Nabat thinks he's done just that. And countless people agree.

Craig is the 36-year-old entrepreneur who's spent over 8 years developing "FINDIT®" - a tiny device that helps people locate items they tend to lose most. Items like car keys, cordless phones, purses, electronic organizers, eyeglass cases, and those always-elusive TV remote control units!

"We all lose things every day of our lives", says Craig. "It is almost embarrassing how often I misplace my things. That was really my inspiration for inventing FINDIT®. I wanted to solve my own problem, and then I started thinking. Hey, everybody has this problem...Why not develop a gadget that gets rid of the problem. Wow, I thought...There's an idea!"

Nation's Sexiest Entrepreneur
FINDIT® Success Story
Sexy Entrepreneur
Photo © 2000 Jon Muresan

FINDIT® Success Story

Craig's amazing FINDIT® device is the size of a domino tile, and attaches to any commonly lost household item via a key ring or adhesive strip. When you clap in a specific three-clap pattern, FINDIT® will respond by beeping so you can locate your lost article. FINDIT® works from as far as 20 feet away.

Yet this simple, ingenious premise took years of research and almost $800,000 of investments. Like Edison and other inventors, Craig went "back to the drawing board" time and time again, always certain his idea would become a practical, working device to improve people's lives.

FINDIT® Success StoryIn upcoming interviews Craig will reveal:

  • How he developed a network of the brightest engineers, manufacturers, producers, graphic designers, web site designers and photographers to make his vision a reality.
  • How he risked everything -- his education, career, family savings, social life, even his state of mind -- as he was driven to make FINDIT® work.
  • How he struggled with engineering and manufacturing nightmares, one after another.
  • Where he finally found other visionaries, including experts in missile guidance systems, to design and manufacture his idea.
  • FINDIT®'s engineers have created computer circuitry and discriminating sensors which signal only when it "hears" the distinctive three clap pattern.
FINDIT® wall display
  • How the FINDIT® phenomenon exploded, using ingenious marketing strategies to introduce his brain-child worldwide via an award-winning infomerical, a joint venture marketing blitz with major radio stations, the Internet, mail order catalogs, print ads, and the QVC network. FINDIT® was also showcased by Readers Digest as one of their choices for the coolest 1999 holiday gift item.
  • How the FINDIT®'s advanced circuitry make it the elite of its class.
  • How his company Ambitious Ideas, Inc. designed the FINDIT® product line. 32 new helpful products which will make all our lives a little easier. Due out in retail stores Spring 2003.
  • The licensing concept has been developed to imprint the FINDIT® logo on the fly of men's underwear and the inside fly of men's and women's blue jeans. The product will be packaged to sell FINDIT® and FINDIT® underwear together in a gift box.. (Makes a great gift idea.)
  • Developed for release in 2003, a new cutting edge line of FINDIT® apparel (hats, t-shirts, swim wear, tank tops, and jeans). Watch the web for early releases.
  • Advice for other modern-day inventors who dream of making this world a better place.
  • Craig Nabat is certain you'll be asking yourself, "how did I live this long without FINDIT®?"

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